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China Red Cross sends help to India

The first batch of oxygen concentrators and ventilators donated by the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) arrived in India.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 10th May 2021

Court orders de-congestion of all prisons

The Supreme Court has ordered the police to de-congest the overcrowded jails in India.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 9th May 2021

FTA talks re-launched between India and EU

India and the European Union (EU) agreed to re-launch free trade negotiations by resuming talks that were suspended in 2013.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 9th May 2021

Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary (TCFS)

The ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has notified 48.32 sq km around the Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary (TCFS) as an eco-sensitive zone (ESZ).

posted by Jawwad Kazi 8th May 2021

US backs waiver on vaccine patents

The US President announced support for waiving intellectual property protection for Covid-19 vaccines.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 7th May 2021