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Population Level Genome Sequencing

Population-level genome sequencing involves analyzing the genetic material of a large group of individuals within a specific population. This comprehensive study allows researchers to examine variations in the DNA sequences among individuals, identifying genetic mutations, variations, and associations with particular traits or diseases.

posted by 4th Dec 2023


The Parliamentary Standing Committee on home affairs, examining the three new criminal law bills set to replace the Indian Penal Code, code of criminal Procedure, and the Indian Evidence Acr, recommended the criminalization of adultery on gender neutral lines.

posted by 4th Dec 2023


Multilateralism refers to the principle of coordinating and working together among multiple countries or entities to address common issues or achieve common goals.

posted by 30th Nov 2023

Paris Club

Sri Lanka has reached “agreement in Principle” with India and the Paris Club group of creditors including Japan on a debt treatment plan that will help the crisis hit island nation tap the next tranche of the international monetary fund’s nearly $3 billion recovery package.

posted by 30th Nov 2023

Rat Hole Miners

Rat hole mining may be illegal but the skill and experience of the miners were used in rescue operation to save the 41 workers trapped in Silkyara tunnel, a national Disaster Management Authority said.

posted by 29th Nov 2023