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Divisive Speech’s

Election Commission writes to Party Presidents, ask star campaigners to refrain from any campaign methods along ‘religious or communal lines.

posted by 23rd May 2024

Local Environmental Footprints

Local environmental footprints refer to the specific impacts that individuals, communities, businesses, or regions have on their immediate environment. These impacts can include a variety of factors such as resource consumption, waste production, emissions, and land use.

posted by 22nd May 2024

Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards

The President Presented Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards for 2022 and 2023 to Eminent Artists in the eminent artists in the field of performing arts. 12 artists from the field of music , 12 from dance, 11 from folk and tribal arts, and nine from the field of theatre received the Akademi awards for 2023.

posted by 7th Mar 2024


Resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when an external force matches the natural frequency of an object, leading to a significant increase in amplitude or vibration. It's commonly observed in various systems, including mechanical, electrical, acoustic, and even biological systems.

posted by 4th Mar 2024

Wildlife Protection Act

Union Minister for Environment, forest and climate change said that there is no need for any amendment in the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, to address Human-Wildlife conflict as the chief Wildlife warden was empowered to trap, catch , shoot wildlife according to section 11 of the Act.

posted by 23rd Feb 2024