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OPEC+ agrees deep cuts to oil production

The decision to reduce oil output by 2 million barrels per day was made by OPEC and its allies, collectively known as OPEC+, a coalition of the world's top oil-producing nations. This is the biggest decrease since the Covid-19 outbreak started.

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 6th Oct 2022

Chemistry Nobel Prize 2022

The 2022 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to Carolyn R Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and K Barry Sharpless. They have been awarded this prize for the development of click chemistry and biorthogonal chemistry.

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 6th Oct 2022

Female Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

The infant mortality rate (IMR) for females in the nation decreased to match that of males.

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 6th Oct 2022

Physics Nobel Prize 2022

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been shared by Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger "for work with entangled photons, showing the violation of Bell inequalities, and pioneering quantum information science."

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 5th Oct 2022

Svante Pääbo

A Swedish researcher Svante Pääbo received the Nobel Prize in Physiology (Medicine) for his research on the genomes of extinct hominins and the history of humanity.

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 4th Oct 2022