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The Law Commission of India, in report No.282, recommended that “in Case where the accused in not known ins not known, registration of e-FIR should be allowed for cognizable offences.

posted by 9th Nov 2023

Organic Farming

The Kerala Government has created an organic farming mission to encourage the adoption of sustainable organic farming practice. The mission aims at expanding organic farming to 5000 hectares in next five years through an annual target of 1000 ha.

posted by 9th Nov 2023

Deepfakes Videos

After a deepfake video Clip of Actor Rashmika Mandanna went viral on social media flatforms such as Instagram, the electronics and information Technology ministry sent notice to all social media intermediaries, reminding them that online impersonation is illegal under section 66D of the IT act 2000

posted by 8th Nov 2023

Digital Privacy of Journalists

The Supreme Court highlighted the need to frame guidelines to protect the privacy of journalists when their personnel digital devices are sized by the central agencies.

posted by 8th Nov 2023


There was major global recovery in the number of people diagnosed with TB wand treated in 2022, after two years of covid -related disruptions says the WHO Global TB report.

posted by 8th Nov 2023