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Sickle Cell Anaemia

“I am free of Pain and can move after 35 years”. Says Victoria Gray, the worlds fist Sickle anaemia patient to recover with revolutionary gene-editing therapy that wan its inventors the Nobel prize in 2020 and now holds out hope to millions around the world, including India, for a permanent cure.

posted by 22nd Nov 2023

Withholding Bills

The supreme Court took note of Tamil Nadu governments Argument that constitution does not provide governor discretion to withhold the 10 bills “repassed” by the state legislative Assembly.

posted by 21st Nov 2023

India - Australia

Defence minister Rajnath Singh and Australian Deputy prime minister and Defence minister held bilateral talks during which they underscored enhancing cooperation further in information exchange and maritime domain Awareness. The two sides also in an advanced stage of discussion to include implementing arrangements on hydrography cooperation for air -to air refueling.

posted by 21st Nov 2023

Role of Governor in Legislature

Tamil Nadu Governor R.N.Ravi has withheld assent for certain bills passed by the Tamil Nadu legislative Assembly. This follows the Supreme court expressing Serious Concern over inaction by the governor on the Bills presented for his assent. The court expressed displeasure on similar delays by Governors of Telangana, Punjab and Kerala

posted by 20th Nov 2023

Modernization of the Indian Air Force

Air chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari stressed the need for investing in new and disruptive technologies

posted by 20th Nov 2023