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SC to make public work allocation process

Chief Justice of India  has examined suggestions from stakeholders to bring transparency in allocation of sensitive PILs to judges and is likely to bring in the public domain soon the system he is going to adopt for it,

posted by Jawwad Kazi 22nd Jan 2018

Disqualification of AAP MLAs approved

President accepted the recommendation of the Election Commission to disqualify the 20 MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) the ruling party in the national capital, for holding offices of profit.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 22nd Jan 2018

Droughts can kill deep-rooted species more

Contrary to previous claims and assumptions, a study now finds that droughts killed tree species that access deeper water much more.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 21st Jan 2018

NASA sees first direct proof of ozone hole recovery

The hole in Earth’s ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September was the smallest observed since 1988, NASA satellite measurements from this year have revealed.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 21st Jan 2018

An electric nose from “IIT” Bombay

Based on the process of inelastic quantum tunnelling, the Electrical Engineering department of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, is researching to develop an “electronic nose. The “nose” can differentiate between molecules based on their vibrational energies.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 21st Jan 2018