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ASEAN seeks a pro-active, more assertive India

Lauding India’s positive role in the Indo-Pacific amid China’s growing assertiveness, all ASEAN leaders expressed a desire to play a more pro-active and assertive role to ensure ‘peace, stability and prosperity’ in the region.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 27th Jan 2018

India, ASEAN eye quick RCEP closure

India and ASEAN on Friday agreed to target a swift conclusion to the comprehensive and mutually beneficial Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in 2018.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 27th Jan 2018

Rain in western hemisphere linked to currents in the Atlantic Ocean: Study.

Changes in ocean currents in the Atlantic Ocean influence rainfall in the western hemisphere and the two systems have been linked for thousands of years, the study by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin suggests.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 27th Jan 2018

By reversing the trend, GST collections up in December

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue collections in December marked a rebound to touch Rs 86,703 crore (till January 24), reversing the sliding trend of last two months.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 26th Jan 2018

Auto industry wants stable GST rate

The automotive industry has urged the Centre to ensure quick stabilisation in implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST).

posted by Jawwad Kazi 26th Jan 2018