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Sex-Selective Surgeries

The Kerala High Court has directed the State government to issue within three months an order regulating sex-selective surgeries on intersex infants and children.

posted by 9th Aug 2023

Balladeer Gaddar

Revolutionary balladeer and folk singer Gaddar passed away here at a private hospital on Sunday afternoon while undergoing treatment for a heart-related ailment.

posted by 7th Aug 2023

Anti- Discrimination norms at IIT-Bombay

IIT -Bombay has published its anti-discrimination policy.

posted by 1st Aug 2023

Female Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

The infant mortality rate (IMR) for females in the nation decreased to match that of males.

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 6th Oct 2022

The gender pay gap, hard truths and actions needed: Article from the Hindu

Regarding the global economic growth and structural transformation storey, India has a significant place. However, there are still a lot of asymmetries on the country's labour market.

posted by V.P.Nimbalkar 19th Sep 2022