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Reproductive Rights

A division Bench of two women judges of the Supreme Court were in split in their opinions about the decision of a married woman to abort her 26-week pregnancy and the centre’s resolve to save the “Unborn Child”. The case was referred to the Chief Justice of India to form 3 judge bench.

posted by 12th Oct 2023

Caste Based Census

The Bihar government released the report of Bihar Jati Adharit Ganana 2022 (caste survey) conducted in the state, saying “it is only compiled date and no analysis of it has been done yet.

posted by 3rd Oct 2023

Caste Based Census

The Supreme Court refused to stay the uploading of data collected in the recently concluded Bihar caste-based survey while debunking claims that the Nitish Kumar government has violated the fundamental right to privacy by compelling people to reveal their caste.

posted by 19th Aug 2023

Sex-Selective Surgeries

The Kerala High Court has directed the State government to issue within three months an order regulating sex-selective surgeries on intersex infants and children.

posted by 9th Aug 2023

Balladeer Gaddar

Revolutionary balladeer and folk singer Gaddar passed away here at a private hospital on Sunday afternoon while undergoing treatment for a heart-related ailment.

posted by 7th Aug 2023