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The Parliamentary Standing Committee on home affairs, examining the three new criminal law bills set to replace the Indian Penal Code, code of criminal Procedure, and the Indian Evidence Acr, recommended the criminalization of adultery on gender neutral lines.

posted by 4th Dec 2023

Rat Hole Miners

Rat hole mining may be illegal but the skill and experience of the miners were used in rescue operation to save the 41 workers trapped in Silkyara tunnel, a national Disaster Management Authority said.

posted by 29th Nov 2023

SC sub-Quota

Prime Minister announced the constitution of a committee soon to empower the Dalit communities and ensure justice for the Madiga community.

posted by 12th Nov 2023

Falling Fertility

Falling fertility refers to a decrease in the average number of children born to women of childbearing age in a population. This phenomenon can have significant implications for demographics, economics, and social structures. There are several factors that contribute to falling fertility rates:

posted by 1st Nov 2023

Manual Scavenging in India

The Supreme Court said claims of fraternity equality and dignity among the citizens remain a mere illusion if sizeable section of society is forced to enter sewers for living and die trapped in them even a decade after the outlawing of the inhuman practice of manual scavenging.

posted by 21st Oct 2023