SASTRA Ramanujan Prize for 2022

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Yunqing Tang will receive the SASTRA Ramanujan Prize in 2022.


Assistant Professor Yunqing Tang teaches at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States.

The SASTRA Ramanujan Prize Committee claims that Ms. Yunqing's works demonstrate a remarkable synthesis of sophisticated techniques, in which the mathematics and geometry of modular curves and of Shimura varieties play a central role, and that her findings and approaches are certain to have a significant influence on upcoming research in this field.

The award, which was established by the Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology & Research Academy (SASTRA) in 2005 and comes with a $10,000 cash prize, is given each year to people under the age of 32 who have made outstanding contributions to the field of mathematics and have been broadly influenced by Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Source: The Hindu

Posted by V.P.Nimbalkar on 4th Oct 2022