Small Satellite launch vehicles (SSLV)

Mains: Advancements in Space Technology and commercialisation of space (GS Paper III)
Prelims: Space - Launch Vehicles of ISRO 
1. SSLV will be smallest launch vehicle developed by ISRO, to cater the emerging global small satellite launch services market.
2. It is an all solid propulsion 3 stage vehicle to with a capability to launch on demand.
3. It has the capability of transporting satellites weighing up to 500 kg to a low earth orbit.
4. It can transport satellites weighing up to 300 kg in Sun Synchronous orbit.
5. The SSLV has a weight of 110 tonne and it has the lowest turn around time.
6. The SSLV is a three-stage rocket with a height of 34 metres and lift-off weight of 120 tonnes. By comparison, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) — ISRO’s ‘reliable workhorse’ — stands 44 metres tall, has four stages and has a lift-off mass of 320 tonnes for its ‘XL’ variant.
7. It is being developed with private participation.
8. SSLV's main characteristics include low cost, quick turnaround, flexibility in accommodating many satellites, launch on demand capability, and minimal launch infrastructure needs, among others.
  1. The SSLV's development and production are planned to foster more collaboration between the space sector and private Indian industries.
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