DRDO’s crystal blades for aero engines

Why is it in News?
  • DRDO developed single crystal blade technology and supplied to HAL.
  • It supplied 60 such blades to HAL as a part of their indigenous helicopter development programme.
  • It is made up of nickel-based super alloy.
  • India joined the countries UK, USA, France and Russia in development of single crystal components.
  • These components are capable of withstanding of high temperatures of operations.
  • Single Crystal components:
(1) Single crystal superalloys are produced through directional solidification technique.
(2) The final component comprises only a single grain.
(3) The absence of grain boundaries in single crystal superalloys provides for superior creep and thermal fatigue resistance compared to polycrystalline alloys.
Source: The Hindu

Posted by Jawwad Kazi on 27th Apr 2021