No viable alternative to hanging, Centre tells court

Why it is in news?

  • There is no viable method at present other than hanging to execute condemned prisoners.
  • Lethal injections are unworkable and often fail, the Centre told the Supreme Court .
  • The government was responding to a query from the court on alternative modes of execution.
  • The court had previously said a condemned convict should die in peace and not in pain.
  • A human being is entitled to dignity even in death.
  • Issuing notice, the court had asked the government to consider the the “dynamic progress” made in modern science to adopt painless methods of causing death.

Death penalty unquestioned

  • The court has already clarified that it is not questioning the constitutionality of death penalty, which has been well-settled by the apex court, including inDeena versus Union of India and earlier in the Bachan Singh case reported in 1980.
  • Section 354 (5), which mandates death by hanging, of the Code of Criminal Procedure has already been upheld.
  • However the Bench had in an earlier hearing favoured a re-look at the practice of hanging to death a
  • “the Constitution of India is an organic and compassionate document which recognises the sanctity of flexibility of law as situations change with the flux of time”.
  • Petitioner: “When a man is hanged to death, his dignity is destroyed,”


The Hindu

Posted by Jawwad Kazi on 10th Jan 2018