Centre opposed Same-sex marriages

Why is it in news?
  • The Union Government opposed any changes to the existing laws on marriage to recognise same-sex marriages.
  • The Centre argued in Delhi High Court in response to three petitions seeking legalisation of same-sex marriages.
Argument's by the Government:
  • Same-sex marriages would cause a complete havoc with the delicate balance of personal laws in the country.
  • A marriage in India necessarily depends upon age-old customs, rituals, practices, cultural ethos and societal values.
  • In reading down the provision of Section 377 of the IPC covering homosexuality, the Supreme Court had only decriminalised a particular human behaviour but neither intended to, nor did in fact, legitimise the human conduct in question.       
Source: The Hindu, Indian Express

Posted by Jawwad Kazi on 26th Feb 2021