India, U.S. call for rule of law in Myanmar

Why is it in news?
  • The Quad group's Ministerial Meeting discussed key issues including Myanmar coup.
  • The Ministers reiterated democratic values for the region.
  • They also expressed commitment to “upholding rules-based international order” and “peaceful resolution of disputes”.
  • S. highlighted the urgent need to restore the democratically elected government in Burma (Myanmar).
More about QUAD:
  • The Quad first emerged as a cooperative response to the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, with the navies of India, Australia, Japan, and the US engaged in the coordinated delivery of humanitarian and disaster relief.
  • The dialogue was first initiated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2007.
  • Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is a mechanism which enables dialogue between four major democracies within the Indo-Pacific region, Australia, Japan, India, and the US, on issues of regional security.
  • Objective: To secure a rule based global order, liberal trade practices and establish and maintain the freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Posted by Jawwad Kazi on 19th Feb 2021