OTT players adopt self-regulatory toolkit

Why is it in news?
  • The Over The Top (OTT) platforms including Netflix,Amazon Prime, have adopted a ‘toolkit’ for effective implementation of the self-regulation code introduced last year.
  • The government had brought OTT platforms or video streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others under the ambit of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Previuosly, there was no law or autonomous body governing digital content.
  • The government wanted the platforms to come up with a self-regulatory body on the lines of the News Broadcasting Standards Authority.
  • The code adopted by the OTTs in January last prohibited five types of content.
(1) Content which deliberately and maliciously disrespects the national emblem or national flag;
(2) Any visuals or story lines that promotes child pornography;
(3) Any content that “maliciously” intends to outrage religious sentiments;
(4) Content that “deliberately and maliciously” promotes or encourages terrorism;
(5) Any content that has been banned for exhibition or distribution by law or by a court.

Posted by Jawwad Kazi on 12th Feb 2021