Rajasthan govt. opposes power amendment Bill

  • Rajasthan government has termed the proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020, against the spirit of the Constitution and decentralisation of power for States.
  • The Bill has focused more on the Centre’s control of the power sector despite its inclusion in the concurrent list.
Key Provisions of Draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020:
  • Setting up of Electricity Contract Enforcement Authority (ECEA):
  • ECEA would be a Central Enforcement Authority headed by a retired Judge of the High Court.
  • It will have powers of the Civil Court to enforce performance of contracts related to purchase or sale of power between discoms and generating companies.
  • National Renewable Energy Policy:
  • The amendment proposes to provide for a policy for the development and promotion of renewable sources of energy.
  • The specified percentage of purchase of electricity from hydro sources of energy would be mandatory for DISCOMs.
  • Franchisees and Distribution sub licensees: 
  • Many States DISCOMs have been assigning the task of distribution of electricity in a particular area or city to Franchisees/ Sub-Distribution Licensees.
  • A person recognized and authorized by Distribution Licensee (DISCOMs)
  • No requirement of a separate license from State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
  • Cross border trade in Electricity: Provisions have been added to facilitate and develop trade in electricity with other countries. 

Posted by Jawwad Kazi on 5th Jul 2020