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Farming's Impact on the Environment

Farming has a multifaceted impact on the environment, influencing various aspects

posted by 7th Dec 2023

Ozone Layer

The Core of the Antarctic has experienced a 26% reduction since 2004, contrary to previously reported recovery trends in total ozone according to a study published in the journal communications. However, recovery trends remain in early spring (September). The finding highlight the importance of continuous monitoring and evaluation of the state with the changing dynamical state of earth’s climate.

posted by 26th Nov 2023

Delhi Most Polluted City

On Monday, the day after Deepavali three Indian cities figured on the most polluted cities in the world complied by the swiss air purifiesr company IQAir. Delhi was most polluted city in the world city with air quality index (AQI) of 287

posted by 14th Nov 2023

Organic Farming

The Kerala Government has created an organic farming mission to encourage the adoption of sustainable organic farming practice. The mission aims at expanding organic farming to 5000 hectares in next five years through an annual target of 1000 ha.

posted by 9th Nov 2023

Human Tiger Conflict

A farmer in his mid-30s was mauled to death in the moliyur range of the Bandipur tiger reserve in Karnataka.

posted by 7th Nov 2023