Ecology News


A New Study has shed light on the extent of microplastic pollution in Ashtamudi lake, a Ramsar wetland in Kollam district of Kerala, underscoring the need for continuous monitoring and addressing “potential and Public health Concerns”

posted by 24th May 2024

Local Environmental Footprints

Local environmental footprints refer to the specific impacts that individuals, communities, businesses, or regions have on their immediate environment. These impacts can include a variety of factors such as resource consumption, waste production, emissions, and land use.

posted by 22nd May 2024

Wildlife Protection Act

Union Minister for Environment, forest and climate change said that there is no need for any amendment in the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, to address Human-Wildlife conflict as the chief Wildlife warden was empowered to trap, catch , shoot wildlife according to section 11 of the Act.

posted by 23rd Feb 2024

Farming's Impact on the Environment

Farming has a multifaceted impact on the environment, influencing various aspects

posted by 7th Dec 2023

Ozone Layer

The Core of the Antarctic has experienced a 26% reduction since 2004, contrary to previously reported recovery trends in total ozone according to a study published in the journal communications. However, recovery trends remain in early spring (September). The finding highlight the importance of continuous monitoring and evaluation of the state with the changing dynamical state of earth’s climate.

posted by 26th Nov 2023