Art and Culture News

Tanjavur Art Plate

Makers of the Tanjavur Art Plate are coming together for its cultural and commercial rejuvenation.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 13th Oct 2020

Origin of Indian Culture Panel

Union Ministry considering the reconstitution of ‘Origin of Indian Culture Panel’ due to failure of submission of report till date.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 28th Sep 2020

Jnanpith to Akkitham

Jnanpith Award was given to Malayalam poet Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 26th Sep 2020

Kakati Devi Temple

Conservation efforts of Kakati Devi Temple built by emperor Ganapati Deva, a mighty ruler of Kakatiya dynasty, has been neglected.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 21st Sep 2020

Recovered Indian antiquities

U.K. hands over three recovered Indian antiquities of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, which were stolen from Nagapattinam in the 1970s.

posted by Jawwad Kazi 17th Sep 2020